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Artist: Return of the Phoenix | Album: Nexus (2009) Track: 07 - See the Light Free HQ MP3 download: http://www.ReturnOfThePhoenix.Com

Welcome to the Light Now the birds they sing You remember everything As the water overflows from the springs

And arching overhead you said "I have known for oh so long Still back-lit here at night and I've kept on that light ever since you were born"

Now you feel it, now it's in your heart It ignites see the Light as you start Flaring up like explosions from the Sun We are one solar lung breathing together Another way

Seeing is believing until Imagination shines its way Maybe we could have tried again to rectify the wrongs But have we learned anything at all

Now you feel it, now it's in your heart It ignites see the Light as you start Flaring up like explosions from the Sun We are spinning to a new beginning Another wave _____________

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